#Kenya28Feb-10 Reasons why you should Just Sing The National Anthem and Stop Complaining

Today at 1 pm which is like 1 hour and 30 minutes away as of the time of posting this, Kenyans will stand united and sing all three verse of our beautiful and powerful National Anthem. Just like last year the debate continues as to the exact impact or the benefits of  singing National Anthem.  Personally I am not sure of the impact but I know how great our National Anthem is.  So here are the reasons why I think  people should just sing the National Anthem today and complain tomorrow.

  1.  Help you to remember our National Anthem, I know some Kenyans can’t sing the National Anthem past the first verse and this a chance to refresh your memory
  2. Kenya National Anthem is simply the most  beautiful song I know.. you should just be proud to sing it any time
  3. Every day I see people  continue to borrow inspirational quotes  and a few of them remember that our National Anthem has some of the most laden quotes of all time
  4. Promote Brand Kenya. Our beloved country ….KENYA…
  5.  Chance to debate/discuss  whether it is important to just sing national anthem.  I guess those who are complaining will have something better than singing the National Anthem next year. People should realize that starting a great debate is not an easy task and organizers of Feb28 should be proud of what they are doing. it is not perfect but at least it is a starting point and people criticizing the event can build  from it or come up with alternative.
  6. It is a prayer..for those of you who do not go to church, this a chance to pray to the Mighty God for his blessing  to the country and people
  7. Help you remember that we are one Nation, regardless of the one’s color skin, tribe, religion, class and the level of stupidity
  8. Remind Kenyans that most of our leaders are not delivering on their mandate..therefore , voting them out in the next General Elections is a must
  9. Chance to hepa Office early and combine that with your normal Lunch hour…and you can tell your employer that you are going to pray for Kenya
  10. Chance to identify people who can’t sing..singing is an art and some people think it is easy…Those who criticize musicians should take note..today is your chance to show the world how good you are at singing

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