AkiraChix has Won Google Rise Funding for the second round of AkiraChix training program

AkiraChix, the all girl team of Application Developers has won Google RISE funding of 6,000 Euros for the second round of the AkiraChix training program. AkiraChix, in line with its mission of inspiring and developing women in technology, started a technical training program for young women from socioeconomically disadvantaged areas of Nairobi. A year later, they had 17 young women and one young man graduating in August 2011 with skills in programming, web design and entrepreneurship.

The Google RISE funding will facilitate the running of this second edition of the program by covering the program costs.

According to Google, RISE program had over 400 applications from the US, EMEA and Sub Sarahan Africa regions and awarded 26 organizations.

Other 2012 Sub-Saharan Africa Award Recipients are:

Great Olympiad Science Competitions, Science Teachers Enrichment Program Summer and Science/Mathematics Program | Youth Care Foundation | The Gambia

The Youth Care Foundation, The Gambia is chartered charity organization. It works in partnerships with the following organizations to promote and advance interests in Mathematics and Sciences: Directorates of Science and Technical Education, The Gambia, Science Teachers Association The Gambia (STAGAM), and Mathematics Teachers’ Association The Gambia (MTAGAM)

ICT Clinic for Girls | Savana Signatures | Ghana

Savana Signatures has a mission to promote the development of youth and women through education and knowledge sharing. It seeks to use ICT as catalyst to develop the minds of youth and women for the benefit of Ghana’s development and builds capacity of women to access information for their social and economic growth; builds capacity of youth to use ICT for entrepreneurial development; trains teachers and students to integrate ICT into teaching and learning; re-orients the youth and women in the use of ICT for entrepreneurial growth and advancement; conducts research on ICT4D with a focus on youth and women.

Young Girls Science and Health Tele-Academy| Youth for Technology Foundation | NigeriaThe mission of YTF is to create enriched learning communities where the use of technology affords opportunities for marginalized youth and women living in developing countries. The Young Girls Science & Health Tele-Academy teaches Nigerian girls, ages 13 through 18, to use technology to research and disseminate information about a principal cause of cancer deaths in African women- breast cancer. Beneficiaries will increase their interest in a STEM career, and increase multicultural understanding. Collaboration software, digital cameras, computers, smart phones, radio and the Internet will be used to enable girls to collaborate with digital peers, leading educators and health professionals.

Fundi Bots | Uganda

Fundi Bots is a technology outreach programme for students in high school and university. Our core focus is the use of Robotics to sensitize and create an awareness in young children about the benefits and endless possibilities of technology in day to day life. By doing this, we also aim to promote early stage career development in technology and related fields. We are also creating a learning environment outside of schools where passionate African children can learn, grow and experiment with machines, gadgets and technology as a means of creative and innovative expression.



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