Should Dstv allow people to Customize the channels they want and pay for them?

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With advancement in Technology, it is possible for #DSTV to allow people to customize channels they want and pay for them. When I put the same question to DSTV General Manager Mr. Stephen Isaboke sometime back, he said that they have a number of  affordable packages. But it seems many people don’t agree with him following the response to the tweets started by @Joliea

@Joliea I actually like Cartoons. If only I could subscribe to the CN channel on its own

Here is Mr.Isaboke  reply to my tweet  “@kachwanya :With advancement in Technology #DSTVshould allow people to customize channels they want and pay for them.what say you @SteveIsaboke ?”:

@SteveIsaboke:  @kachwanya #DSTVpay TV Content sold in full inspite of whats viewed. Like paying 4 a nwspaper&reading a few pages,u stl pay for the paper.

Ok..Leave a comment  if you think that people should be allowed to pay for the channels they want

What is your opinion on the topic?
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