Chipuka by ICT Board- A big vote of no Confidence on Local Universities

When I got the invite  from ICT Board for CHIPUKA, a Software Certification Program which is to take place next week, I was very happy. You know ,this is something which is long overdue. But then I realized that there is something wrong.

Look at this paragraph from a site called

 The Kenya ICT Board and Carnegie Mellon University, USA and have created a credentialing examination(to be unveiled to the public soon) that will help employers identify software developers with the skills necessary to step into jobs immediately.

Again go back to the site name DoItInKenya!! Yes, something is wrong here… Do it in Kenya is being done by Carnegie Mellon University from USOFA!!!  Why did  ICT Board choose not to use Local Unversities like Strathmore, JKUAT or Nairobi ? mmmmh are they being considered crap….. Or this is another case of Superior technology from USA?

So tell me, how on earth do the guys from US understand the need of the local industries?  The Kenyan tech is unique which requires unique understanding of the local problems. I bet schools like Strathmore would have done better in understanding exactly how the examination should be designed.


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