ChatON- Samsung’s free messenger service that allows users to communicate instantly with their friends and family

Forget about smartphones, in the last few days i have been using the new  Samsung CH@T 222 . I am not going to review the phone today (coming up later), but I want to  discuss one particular feature of the phone. ChatON.  ChatON, developed by Samsung, is a free messenger service that allows users to communicate instantly with their friends and family. ChatOn is much like Whatsapp but you can do much more with it than with what I have seen with Whatsapp.

Here is the list of some of the things you can do with ChatON

  • You can have a chat with more than 2 buddies in one space through a group chat. Do this through ChatON Group Buddies. And also Broadcast a message to several buddies at the same time.Get many ways to express  yourself.
  • Send pictures, videos, animation (scribble) audio, contacts, calendar and location to your friends
  • Be on the know of  your 3 buddies every week.  Buddy interactions shows you which of your friends you chat with the most.
  • Want to share your thoughts with a buddy? Leave it on your buddy’s profile page and see what they say for you on your profile
  • You can check all the images and videos shared in chat rooms through the multimedia sharing box called the Trunk. You can leave replies for individual items or share on other SNS sites.
  • Create special, animated messages for your friends with your handwritten messages, text, photos, background images, and music

From that you can better description, ChatON messenger service enables users to share multimedia content and animated messages, as well as conventional instant messages.

ChatON is preloaded onto Samsung CH@T 222 phone and Samsung’s bada smartphones . Those who are using  Smartphones in Kenya can download ChatON for free through Samsung Apps or Android MarketTM and use it on various mobile devices, including Samsung GALAXY S II.

ChatON, which is available in more than 120 countries and supports up to 62 languages including Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and Urdu, features two functionality options. A basic functionality option is available for feature phone users who prefer simple and easy usage. Feature phone users can share text, pictures, calendar, contacts and emotions through an easy-to-access web client.

The advanced feature options allow users to see their most messaged friends, complete with “interaction ranks,” send animated text messages and share photos and videos in a shared group “trunk” which documents all multimedia items sent and received through the conversation. ChatON also allows users to join and grow their social communities, socializing instantly and flexibly through their mobile device. The ‘Animation message’ feature in ChatON enables the creation and sharing of content by scribbling texts, adding audio and choosing background pictures.

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