Review of 2011- Top 10 most talked about Tech issues and the articles on

It has been a great year for many Kenyans, it has been a wonderful year for tech in Kenya.  I start off the review of 2011 by  looking at the critical issues and articles that dominated the year 2011   The top 10 issues and  most read articles in 2011 on are:

1. Laptops

People talk about phones all the time in Kenya but the most read and searched article on in the whole of  the year 2011 was about laptops.  The Wezesha initiative by the Government to help college students acquire laptops was the most searched for and talked about according to 2011 stats. Even after informing the students that the Government had closed the initiative the article was still very popular.

Wezesha, Laptop initiative for University Students Launched

2. Modems

Classic example on how data became popular in Kenya after Airtel came in and killed voice. In terms of the future for mobile network  operators, data is everything. And I suspect it is going to bigger in 2012, even more than 2011.

Unlocked Modem is a big crap..don’t waste your time

3. Kenyan Women in technology

I guess if I had written this article at the beginning of the year, it would have taken number one slot on this list. It is third and not far from the first two despite the fact that the article was written on 2nd of December 2011. If you missed it ,get the best of Kenyan tech women 2011

20 Kenyan Tech Women- The most powerful, The Evangelists, The Hardcore Coders and The innovators

4. Safaricom Unlimited Data

This is the second article about data making it in the¬† top four. The stats of data , combined with that of¬† modem, made the¬† internet data as the overall most popular¬† information most searched for in 2011. Again I have a message for All ISPs and Safaricom, Airtel, Orange , Yu…it is all about data

Safaricom new Unlimted Internet Data bundle is a big Crap…

5. KRA online services

The move by Government to have the tax related services to be done online, was one of the greatest moment for the growth of online transactions in Kenya. Many people even those who had no interest and had no idea about online transactions were forced to be online. Either to apply for the Pin, fill in VAT return and in so doing they too had to ensure they have email addresses. Unfortunately, the KRA website is one of the worst i know around . And so the article is about the negative of KRA online services

KRA Online Services , the biggest online crap ever

6. Calling Rates

Although the future is data, the death of voice at the moment is exaggerated, people still make numerous calls. They mind about the calling rates. Safaricom did increase their rates and that made this article quite popular.

Safaricom has increased the voice call rates, utadoooo?

7. Pay TV- DStv vs Zuku

This is also another article which could have  easily taken the top spot had I had  written it early on in the course of the year. Actually it is more recent than even that of women in technology. Done on 14th of December 2011. A lot of reactions from the Kenyan public both on social media and outside including my interview with the MultiChoice General Manager Stephen Isaboke. Get the interview here.  I would like to see how the two companies proceed comes next year.

Dstv vs Zuku Tv- Why Zuku is about to become number one Pay Tv in Kenya

8. Kalahari closed shop in Kenya.

Well, Kenya is a tough market, and if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere else. Those are paraphrased wise words from one great Erik Hersman of Ushahidi and iHub fame.  In one way or another this was a blow to online business in Kenya, which many of us had hoped was taking off. is dead in Kenya..R.I.P- Will dealfish be the next one?

9. Kenyan Business and Twitter

Some of the Kenyan businesses on twitter are a big waste of time for followers on twitter. They have never learned that Social Media  is about engagement. I had pointed them out, although there are many more others which were not on that list. By the way, I am ready to help businesses establish their social media presence next year, for a fee of course. Get in touch

Ten most useless Kenyan Corporate and Business Accounts to Follow on Twitter

10. Nokia Woes in Kenya

Nokia remain a giant in Kenya, but things have not been going well for them this year. The office was down graded and  I am not sure if that was a good thing or not. Then there was  high profile staff clear out  starting with one great Dorothy Ooko ending with Keneth Oyolla at the end of this month. At this point, the only thing I can say is let us all wait and see what next.

PR Manager Gone, General Manager gone, Office is being downgraded‚Äďjeeez Nokia Kenya is remaining a shell of its former self

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