This week in technology..From the year tech review, to hate speech, to the new launch and unlimited data offer . Enjoy

Year 2011 has been a great year

Year in review in the Kenyan Tech world. Savvykenya took a look at the year 2011 :

The Kenyan bloggers formed an association called BAKE- Bloggers Association of Kenya. In addition to having monthly meetups (and perhaps drinks-ups), the association aims to create an avenue where bloggers can make some money from their blogs.

There was a WordCamp Event which was a WordPress conference. Considering most blogs run on WordPress, it can be considered a blogging event.

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The truth and the whole truth

Moseskemibaro gave his version as to why he left Dealfish, and guess what, the people who predicted his next destination were not wrong:

Going to the heart of this blog post, I did not leave Dealfish for some of the many reasons that have been floated online and offline, some being unnecessarily harsh, crude and untrue. I did not have a fight with fellow senior managers’ Neil Schwartzman and Stefan Magdalinski at MIH. We did not fallout over the market strategies for Dealfish or management control. My departure has been totally amicable and I gave in a three month notice as per the terms of my employment agreement which was duly accepted – this incidentally happened before the announcement that Kalahari would be closed in Kenya and Nigeria, as well as the temporary suspension of Dealfish operations in Uganda and Ghana. Hell, Stef(an), Neil and the MIH East Africa team held a farewell party for me last week where we had a blast, for ALL times sake. Yes. This is the truth. I have left on very good terms and intend to work closely with Dealfish and MIH in Africa as a client from early 2012.

Where am I going to next? Much has been said and much has been leaked. I will be joining InMobi as the Director for Sales in Africa.

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Hate Speech-be careful with what you post on Social Media

In the week when two MPs have been acquitted from the charges of hate speech, Mzalendo Kibunja says your post on Facebook and Twitter could land you in jail. Virtalis Kimutai captured all that on the Standard mobile online :

Facebook and Twitter users in Kenya who post material passing as hate speech and incitement to violence could soon find themselves in trouble with the law.

Dr Mzalendo Kibunja, the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) chairman said they were working with the police on monitoring materials posted on social media by individuals and organisations.

“NCIC has set up a department to specifically deal with the material posted on internet sites like Facebook and Twitter and the monitoring would be intense as we approach the next general election,” Kibunjia.

He said the Commission was working with CID officers from the cyber crime unit on the matter and that the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) and other stakeholders would also be involved.

“We have already written to owners of facebook asking them to cooperate with NCIC in handling the issue to the extent of shutting down some of the accounts operated,” Kibunjia revealed.

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Positive Stories making headline in Africa 2011

Kenya is doing well in terms of technology, while they talking about protesters in other part of  Africa, the positive story from Kenya is the use of mobile phones…Alexis Keowo of Newyorker listed 10 positive stories making headline in the year 2011:

Cell phones continue to change how Africans live. The devices have proven to be invaluable: health-care workers use cell phones to track and monitor pregnant women in rural Rwanda (where the number of maternal deaths is high) and H.I.V. patients in Kenya, and Kenya’s mobile banking system, which has been called the world’s most innovative, lets Kenyans pay bills, send remittances, purchase goods and airtime, move funds among accounts, and even take out and pay back loans for entrepreneurial ventures.

CrowdPesa launched
Crowdpesa is a mobile payment mapping system based on the Ushahidi platform. They had an official launch last Wednesday and yours truly was well represented.
Check out what they are doing here
Safaricom Internet Data Unlimited Offer
For the next few days upto 26th, you can buy unlimited internet data  from Safaricom for KES.200 per day. Check my post on that here

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