Ushahidi Announced KES.170 Million Funding from Omidyar Network

Two years ago Omidyar Network funded Ushahidi to the tune of $1.4  million for a period of 2.5 years. Good news this week, Ushahidi is getting further KES.170 Million from the  same organization.  Ushahidi has seen tremendous growth  in the last few years with multiple translations and now has true global reach. There has been 20,000 deployments in 132 countries according to the Ushahidi blog  by Juliana Rotich

So what will Ushahidi do with the money?

Where this funding goes

The foundation of the platform’s overall ecosystem includes:

* Ushahidi Core is the main Ushahidi platform, as well as the mobile apps that support it.
* Crowdmap is the Ushahidi platform running in the cloud.
* SwiftRiver is the initiative of web services that make up Ushahidi’s real-time data handling and verification process

How much do you know about Ushahidi goals?

Our goals for Ushahidi are simple; to disrupt the way information flows in the world by providing the best tools for democratizing information with the least barriers to entry. Ushahidi’s primary focus is to maintain the core work we do within our open source software, making sure it is always available for free to end-users. This means that we will double down on cloud-based services, improve platform usability, integrate the three products and understand usage and user needs better.

Good work by Ushahidi team

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