Al Shabaab on Twitter and Promised to Publish the names of dead Soldiers

A few  months after Major Chirchir took to twitter  to update us on the current state of war in Somalia!/MajorEChirchir , Al Shabaab has done the same. Yes, Al Shabaab has joined twitter under the name Harakat al-Shabaab Mujahedeen(HSM) As the time of writing this the account has 827 followers, listed by 10 people and 22 tweets.

And the account has propaganda 101, promising to publish the details  of some of the dead soldiers, including their names, ids and ranks. I realized that all the 22 tweets are in English language meaning the twitter account  communication is aimed at someone else (Kenya) and not Somalis.  Al Shabaab account might as well  be  a fake account being operated probably from Kenya but at the moment it seems the war has now moved to twitter. I also realized that most of the followers are either Kenyans or  journalists from different parts of the World…with that Al Shabaab might have just got the right channels to feed with Propaganda.


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