What a joke, What a useless competition by Sony Ericsson for developers !!!!

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Mid this year Sony Ericsson launched or relaunched their phone products in Kenya. I am torn between launch and relaunch because on the day of the launch they were speaking as if that was their  first time in Kenya..although in the back  of my mind i have always thought they have been around like forever.  But that is understandable since they lost a lot on the tsunami disaster in Japan. Anyway at the function i was a bit excited to see the Sony Ericsson new phones, and from the way they were talking, i thought they ware ready for the competition in Kenya.

They promised that their presence will be felt in Kenya in many ways including the up coming Developers’ Apps competition based on Android platform. I am tempted to say that competitions seem to be the in thing to get apps done for  many empty appstores in Kenya.  By the way i have nothing against this or against appstore. I like app stores, i like Android market, i used to be number one fan of Ovistore in the early stages, and in particular  I like what Virtual City people are doing with their new appstore hewani.co.ke.  and hope the developers will make use of it to make money. My review on it is coming up here soon.  But i think Sony Ericcson is taking developers for a ride ….ooooh let me do proper introduction of what Sony Ericcson is doing.

Sony Ericsson has announced plans to run regional Application  development competition on Android platform dubbed Apps for Africa- East. Great idea more so when you read their introduction:

Do you have a suggestion on how mobile technology can support livelihood in rural Africa?
Perhaps you have an idea for an application that can help your business grow.

Good stuff, appealing to the inner goodness of people to help the livelihood in rural Africa, but mmmmh what it is in it for the developers beyond that and how about Sony Ericcson?

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Let me take you down to the prizes:

Members of the winning team will each receive a Sony Ericsson Xperia phone, while teams in second place will receive Business Experience Packs (incl. Sony Ericsson MW600, office pro, McAfee, and a micro USB cable).

Hehehehe… a phone. Ok, let me not come out as someone who does not  appreciate such a  great effort, “I do”  but I would like you to take a look at the people who are meant to participate on this.

Who can Join the Competition
The competition is open to both students and small & medium sized enterprises (< 100 employees) within Eastern Africa: Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Comoros, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Réunion, Rwanda, Seychelles, United Republic of Tanzania and Uganda.

Watu wawache jokes! Seriously you expect a medium size company with 99 employees to compete on this and win a phone? Even for a student that is a waste of time, energy and effort…

I know, I should bring a bit of perspective on this. Nokia usually run a competition where the top prize is $1million. Yes that is one million US dollars, the regional prizes range from 25000 dollars and above. Virtual City won the competition last year and they are doing very well..  Remember pivot 25 competition the top prize was 25000 US dollars while the category winners went home with 5,000 dollars.. Samsung had similar competition with great prizes. Another method both Nokia and Samsung  used when they wanted their respective stores to be filled with apps, they sponsored or rather invested on the apps development. Back to Sony Ericsson’s competition, their most expensive phone probably goes for KES. 60K, unfortunately, one of the phone listed on the prizes goes for KES.15K. Now convert that to dollars for easier comparison — at most you get something close to $.669. And if you are unlucky to win 15k priced phone then you have $167. …SMH

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