eZee- accounting Software Package launched in Kenya

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Dataguard launched  “eZee” – accounting software package aimed at SMEs in Kenya . According to Dataguard eZee is a business management software that includes all your accounting features like those that competition offers e.g. Pastel and Quick books however it also allows you to manage parts of your business like HR, with bulk Email, SMS, customized categorization and Customer Relationship Management functionality.

From what i got during the launch the most unique feature about the eZee is its ability to combat software piracy. “Through its innovative one-time license activation system, eZee is virtually piracy-proof,” says Mr. De Kock. “This is because every activation key is unique to the computer that the application is installed on, meaning any other installation will require authentication from the manufacture – even if it’s being installed on the same machine.”

There are two versions currently available to consumers – eZee Gold which includes Payroll and eZee Silver that excludes Payroll functionalities.  Ms. Dorcas Ogana  the Product Manager in Kenya said that they are yet to settle on the exact pricing but expect  eZee Gold to go for around $100 (around KES.9000) while  eZee Silver for $70 (around KES. 6500). The amount payable annually



eZee business management Software was developed in South Africa in 2000.  eZee was created for the South-African market, because competing products were so expensive and required specialized skills to effectively interact with. The product has been doing extremely well and now they are aiming to expand to other African countries. The initial launch is in Kenya, after which it will be taken into other African countries such as Nigeria and Tanzania

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