InfoConnect- the new cloud service by Internet Solutions and Paynet

The word which is going to be huge next year is cloud. So start getting used to it. Internet Solutions and Paynet have partnered to launch InfoConnect. What they call a converged solution. In other words Cloud  service .

InfoConnect is a managed solution that provides content or information to service providers through a secure, reliable and highly scalable way of delivering their services to their users or clients via the Internet Solutions managed infrastructure in accordance to the required standards according to Paynet and Internet Solutions.

During the launch Internet Solutions, Managing Director, Loren Bosch said:

Organizations face a lot of challenges while using the old way of building Virtual Private Networks using Internet Protocols. This is often insecure, costly, resource intensive, unreliable and complex to manage. The InfoConnect service will eliminate these challenges while providing very high quality connectivity service both to the service providers and their clients in this case the bank

Banking and financial institutions are interlinked with various bureaus and institutions to access specific services and content that provides business support and continuity. By enabling companies to reduce operational costs, InfoConnect will provide organizations with the opportunity to focus their human and financial resources to on other aspects of the business.

Ron Webb, Group Technical Director, Paynet said:

Kenya is growing at a significant rate through various sectors such as banking and ICT. Therefore, it is important for us to support each other through market based relationships that provide innovation, investment and adoption. These partnerships will lead to more changes that will alter the strategic direction of the industry and unleash new opportunities that will increase competition in the sector

Great, the InfoConnect is the new cloud in town….it can only get better in Kenya

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