Tell me again what is the work of Energy Regulatory Commission ?

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Brace yourself for the super inflation on the prices of the consumer goods and services..But before that help me understand the work of ERC?  The fuel prices were increased by  big margins with super petrol at Sh3.63 per litre, diesel Sh3.36 and kerosene Sh4.92.

Seriously what is the work of this commission?  At first i thought it was formed or created to protect Kenyan consumers from oil monsters, but now i don’t think that is the case anymore. The big problem with such increase is that it  triggers the increase of prices in almost all industries and in some of those industries once the prices go up they do not come down. Think of transport industry!

This has shown how bad the idea of price control by the Government is. The market forces should be allowed to dictate the prices instead of the know nothing Government commission. The fans of the price control where are you now and where are the MPs?

What is your opinion on the topic?
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