Orange Kenya is the Worst Mobile Phone Network operator in Kenya…others are rubbish too

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Ooooh we have substandard mobile phone operators in Kenya, and guess what they are being penalized for that? Ksh.500,000. Yes 500k ….for being rubbish.  According to the latest Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) report, none of the mobile phone operators in the country met standards on the network quality. And the worst among them is Telkom Orange.

The  eight key performance  indicators (KPIs) are : completed calls rate, call set up success rate, dropped calls, blocked calls, speech quality, handover success rate, call set up time and signal strength.

An Operator is expected to meet the targets of at least 80% (i.e.7 out of 8) of the above KPIs.  Safaricom, Airtel and  Yu all managed six out of eight.  While  Telkom Orange was compliant in only four out of eight..jeeez..

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Telkom Orange







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