The Four Important Institutions in Kenya which should not be left for crooks to run- Let us try robots

There are some institutions and organizations in Kenya which are too important to be left for thugs and crooks to run. Unfortunately  some of the most learned and smart people around are reluctance  to take over due to how the appointments to such offices are being made or the level of the salary or corruption. I am talking about Football, Nairobi city council, Kenyan Bureau of Standards, Department of immigration and Registration of Persons

My love for computer systems and robots could be blind but i have come to conclusion that systems and robots should take over running of the named institutions…No human being should be seen on the management site.. . We should have robots as the heads of those institutions. Their “running mates/managing mates” whatever that means, should be smart systems too. Look at the system like the new iPhone 4S Siri. Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks back. It is said that Siri is so easy to use and does so much,plus it keeps on learning.

It is well know fact that Kenyans are good at coming up with ideas and plans. I have heard it many times that countries like South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia came to Kenya back in 60’s to learn how to build their country and towns. 50 years down the line you can’t compare Kenya with any of those countries. The problem is implementation. There are fails and there epic fails, and Kenya in that light is beyond epic fail.The ideas are there, the plans are there, but the execution is zero…zero. I am convinced that the robots and other smart computer systems can sort out the mess we have here.

Now this is easy, instead of going through the hustle of elections (in the case of Football and Nairobi City council) or appointing and paying the salary of some burgers who have no idea what they are doing (emigration and KBS), the money should be used to buy the robots and systems.For example the Football fans would sit down and explain to our Siri like robot what they want to be done, like we want to qualify for the world cup, play smart football like Arsenal or Sirkal. In order to do that players have to be paid their dues in good time, coaches should have performance contract but well paid , ensure proper training for the team and organize friendly with well respected teams..not Kula Kavu United or some  oil rich Middle East country which we never seen playing football anywhere in the world.

So why do i want these organizations to be managed by robots.?


During the last Harambee stars game vs Uganda Cranes, i was among the fans who went to Uganda to watch the game and nothing is more beautiful and fun than being in the Stadium to watch your favorite team play. The game ended nil nil which basically eliminated Uganda Cranes from going to Africa Cup of Nations. Well, for Harambee Stars the odds  ware against us, but that was coz management had messed up everything in the early rounds of qualifiers.

Football is one game which i know unite Kenyans more than anything else. People flood the bars to watch English Premier League and most of the time you would hear somebody ask you ” wewe ni wa? Yeah, the answer to that too general and odd looking question is obvious to most Kenyan fans…Arsenal or ManU and some pockets for Chelsea and Liverpool. The  games between Gor and AFC usually see Nyayo stadium filled to capacity and the joy on the faces of the winning team can never be described. For that Footbal is too imporatnt to be left for thugs and crooks to run…..oooooh and there is an election today

Nairobi City Council

Tell me any smart person or rich person who is not in Nairobi or connected to Nairobi in one way or another. It is the heartbeat of the country, everything is done from Nairobi. But do you know who run the city? Yeah, counchulors from Eastlands. This might come out as condescending and elitist but the truth be told, how can you leave such important institution like Nairobi to be run by people who can’t spell their names and throw chairs at each other? Sometime back a number of bloggers and i met a certain aspiring Presidential candidate(not naming him/her here) and our discussion about management of Kenya included the Nairobi City council. The candidate who talked frankly about issues facing the city said that one of the problem  facing the city is the fact that we have left it to be run by illiterate people and thugs. I agreed 101%

Kenya Bureau of Standards

By now you must have heard that the money donated for KenyansforKenyans was used to buy contaminated food. The alarm was raised by Kenya Red Cross Society Secretary General Abbas Gullet. According to him 60,000 pupils, yes 60,000 pupils may be at risk after eating contaminated food called Unimix supplied to Nothern Kenya and Parts of Coast Province. Gullet added that the test by the Kenya Bureau of Standards, SGs and Analab had confirmed the contamination. Huh, how on earth is the contaminated food only tested by KBS after the kids had already consumed it? What is really the work of KBS? How did they leave  Proctor & Allan and Sai Millers to sell contaminated food to the  public?  Yeah the body looking at the health of Kenyans is too important to be left in the hands of incompetent crooks…..

Department for Immigration and Registration of persons

If only they were doing their work properly…nobody would be afraid of Grenada from Al Shabaab  in Nairobi….


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