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The 2011 Apps4Africa competition theme is: Climate Challenge. The developers are required  to come up with apps, software or web applications which is centered around Climate Change and Possible solutions. The 2011 competition begins in Western and Central Africa in September, with Eastern Africa starting this week. and Southern Africa to follow.

Winners will receive prizes, including cash awards. Challenge partners, including TED Conferences and Indigo Trust, may contribute technical assistance, prizes, and follow-on support for the new applications created by this competition.

To be exact the top cash prize is $15,000, the second position $7,000 and finally the third position cash prize $3,000.

Contest Dates

West/Central Africa  (Begins Oct 1, 2011 – Ends Nov 30, 2011)
Eastern Africa     (Begins  Oct 20, 2011 – Ends Dec 20, 2011)
Southern Africa  (Begins Feb 1, 2012 – Ends Mar 30, 2012)

Categories for Entry

– Agriculture (Distribution),Early Warning and/or Disaster Preparedness, Resource Management,
Forestry/Deforestation, Transportation/Traffic/Emissions, Food Security, Livestock, Health and Sanitation

Countries Hosting Regional Outreach Events –

Mali, Senegal,Nigeria, DRC, Ghana, (West Africa) Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, (East Africa) South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar and Angola (Southern Africa)

For more info Check Apps4Africa

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