iPhone 4S, A waste of expectation

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I stayed awake  long enough to hear if Apple will mention anything to do with iPhone5 which many expect to compete with Samsung Galaxy SII(the best phone at the moment) but from the hell came iPhone 4S.  Seriously no reason at all to blow the money for iPhone 4S  over iPhone 4. They entirely look similar with just a few improvement hidden inside. The Back camera is now 8MP compared to 5MP, and apparently a faster processor .

Actually,what most people are talking about after the launch is a female voice called “Siri”. Jeez how do they normally manage to steal theses names from us here..Kikoi and many other host of names and now Siri.. Siri which is said to be smart enough to correct you if you try to call her with any other name accepts voice commands to read your text, sms your girl friend or boy friend,  or search the web for a good eating place, among other things.

Yeah that is it,



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