Garage48 Winner- Kamata Kab

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And the big winner for Garage48 weekend event is Kamata Kab. As we explained here, the concept behind Garage48 is to turn  ideas to working products or services within 48 hours.

KamataKab is a mobile solution that enables clients with GPS-enabled phones to locate the nearest taxi cab within their area, pick the cab that is ranked highest (based on other users experience). The users send text message to Kamatakab database to locate the nearest available taxi

The Team behind Kamata Kab

It might not be a real factor but something worth mentioning is the fact that among the ten teams which made it past the first round for the final Presentation , Kamata Kab was the only team led by a lady

Team Members: Osiemo Isaac , Ntambazi Michael, Kimani  Kevin, Kimotho Gabriel, Mahugu Catherine

Ms.Mahugu Catherine taking us through what Kamata Kab is about during Garage48

Kamatakab Team Members at work..

Now you know why they won...serious people

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twitter: @kamatakab


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