Top Apps: First Nokia App on the Windows Market

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Top Apps is the first glimpse of how Nokia will approach the the absence of Ovistore on the Windows phone. The app was posted to the Windows Phone Marketplace on September 22, according to Businessinsider.

And one great @Kigen has provided us with the best pic we would get anywhere.  Thanks Seth

Top Apps is a  selection of Windows Phone apps, a means for Nokia to highlight its favorite apps for customers. It is going to be the new channel for Nokia to reach people and have a say on the  Windows Phone.

The app highlights help the user find the latest and hottest applications, view their ratings and download.

  • Live app updates directly on the home screen
  • Featured content, picked daily by the app
  • Give the local and global top lists
  • Help the user to explore and browse new apps

The app is not yet available for download. You Can only see an overview in Zune app via a private link.



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