Huawei SMART Mobile Broadband Solution Road Show

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I had a chance to attend commencement of Huawei’s annual Mobile Broadband (MBB) road show at Panari Sky Hotel  to see some of their latest technologies in Kenya . A lot of tech jargon which I will not  talk about here for now but for real, good stuff.

By the way don’t wait to see the truck everywhere like the ones for Politicians. Although it is called Road show, Huawei is in the Business to Business kind of Business. Their clients are the like of Safaricom, Airtel, Orange, Yu. In other words, they deal mostly with mobile network operators. So their first stop was at Panari just next to Airtel Kenyan Offices. And expect them to popup somewhere in Westlands near Safaricom offices, and may be Upper Hill next to Orange.

Huawei SMART MBB is an end-to-end (E2E) ALL-IP solution can increase network capacity and improve network efficiency. With Huawei SMART MBB, operators will have smarter, more precise and effective ways of optimizing hotspots and overall throughput, and thus be able to guarantee a satisfactory user experience, which will save lots of total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators.

Herman He, CEO Huawei in Kenya :

For years, Kenya and Africa in general were faced with bandwidth Challenges; however the situation is improving with the landing of submarine cables. Huawei MBB solution is E2E All-IP solution, which seeks to provide more bandwidth, more frequency efficiency, more innovative applications, and smarter network management . In the future, due to MBB’s easy and fast roll-out, every subscriber will be able to create, access, and share information and engage in social and gaming activities in a completely mobile networked world through any terminal, at any time, from any location at an affordable cost.

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