The star printed the following on their front page, the day after  the Sinai Fire

and yesterday they were busy defending that horrible ..irresponsible action after several complaints from the public:

 Firstly, the body was burned beyond recognition. It was not a recognisable individual whose final privacy was being invaded.

So the body was burned beyond recognition and the helpless fellows became trophies to be shown to the whole world. Yeah yeah we #gerrit,  the dead can not defend themselves and no more shame on their  privacy given that they are  dead beyond recognition.  By that logic the respect is only to the people when they are still alive, well done the Star….By the way, have you wondered the exact reason why US did not release the pictures of the body of Osama Bin Laden despite being the most hated figure  in the whole world? On the same line majority of the  US newspapers hated the war in Iraq and their former cartoon President Bush but you have never seen the pictures of the bodies of the dead soldiers. There they call it National Pride and Interest, and above all the respect to the relatives of the dead.Here we call it  asking tough questions!!  sigh!

I guess, with the modern technology, it is just a matter of days before those bodies are identified…

Secondly, the photo had overriding news value. Pictures of dead bodies should not be published casually but this dramatic photo brought home the full horror of the devastation wreaked by the fireball on Monday morning. The fire was so intense that only the skeleton remained.

Wow…how many people do not watch horror movies at all! Many ..personally i avoid watching them, because i can’t withstand the site of the blood, or skeletons….and i know there are many people like me out there. Fortunately, those are just movies and we  know for sure that none of them is real. But  imagine the feeling if that  kind of images are  from your loved ones…brother, sister, mother, father. ooooh I forgot the Star wanted to bring such horror home.  Congrats,  you succeeded…

Thirdly, it is not the job of newspapers to be wishy-washy. Newspapers should inform the public and provoke debate. This shocking photo ( which was also published by the Nation on its inside pages) should cause both the public and civil servants to ask searching questions.

Jeeez my word, published by the Nation on its inside pages became an excuse… Since when did the two wrongs make right? And who said people were happy with the pictures inside the Nation pages?  I guess i don’t understand the full meaning of wishy-washy but respecting the dead and the relatives of the dead can never be branded wishy-washy!

As for the public debate, the number of the  people who died alone was enough to provoke the debate so craved for by the Star.. By the way how is that debate going?

Why are slum dwellers being allowed to live beside a fuel pipeline just for the sake of winning votes? Why is the pipeline not fenced off and segregated to prevent such catastrophes? In Changamwe, people are actually living on top of a fuel reservoir. What would happen if that exploded?

Great questions..but did they need the picture to ask those questions?????????????????????

I agree , real stars save lives while Gutter press fake stars sell death and horror.




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