How to wean yourself off a telcom operator

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I’m a creature of habit, I’ve had the same line for 11 years and I have never used any other mobile service provider. To be honest I blame myself for being constantly dissatisfied with the options given to me under the guise of ‘better’. I could have simply switched off, moved on, picked another option, while I was still young and many suitors were pining for my attention. Life is full of choices; variety is a spice and all of that.

But as I stated, I’m a creature of habit, and it takes a lot to get me to shift loyalties.  So I convinced myself that since this option was the only one that seemed to offer me a value add in terms of other services such as WiMax, M-Money, M-Money to Bank and domain registration that perhaps I could put up with mediocrity in customer care, pricey charges and an SMS and call connection that sometimes had me wishing my ancestors had taught me how to send smoke signals and drum messages.

But bad habits, addictive, comforting and destructive as they are must be kicked. So for the next few months I will be weaning myself off one of my bad habits. It’s expensive, earning bonuses for employees who care naught about me. It’s abusive, and takes more than it gives, and it downright pisses me off and has me often in a bad mood, and that ain’t cool! Besides I’m tired of always having to call and complain and nag, the good Book is right, I’m turning into a dripping tap, downright annoying and expecting too much.

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The world may end in 2012, and at least one thing needs to be in order right? So for the next few weeks I will be digging deep, analyzing and presenting to you, the better options (like hell I’m going to be monogamous EVER again). Expect reports on which line to use for voice and text, who got it best in mobile internet provision, which internet service provider to holler at for a hook up and how you can get your mobile cash in good order. I would appreciate your feedback and opinion too. Options, that’s the best way to go. For all of you with my other number, expect calls from my new Orange, Yu and Airtel lines.

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