Financial Markets Tweeters

Kenyans tweeting on financial markets live is a bit rare but we have managed to compile a list of kenyans worth following as they tweet live on issues in financial markets. Some post real time trade calls in forex and futures , some market reports. Hope you will enjoy this list as we did making it.


1. AlykhanSatchu

AlykhanSatchu is the epitome tweeter on financial markets. A former banker and a daytrader on commodities and stocks his insights are very informative , his research is broad and hey you never get bored with his tweets. He holds a weekly open talk seminar called Mindspeak and the CEO of Rich Management (










2. Larry Madow0  A business news anchor at NTV with a passion in IT. He even follows snaptu on twitter. :)












3. Terryanne Chebet – She has got everything in an African Woman – Brains and Beauty. She is a business reporter at CNBC Africa and Citizen TV.











4. Kebaya Mwamba – 26 year old – who trades in Gold Futures and CFDs and the Euro. He gives real time trading calls on financial markets. He is a cofounder of AFRIDEX – Africa Futures and Derivatives Exchange. His twitter handle is @armchairtycoon – we can only guess :)











5.Bankelele Alot can be said about Bankelele. One of the first bloggers in Kenya. He has been blogging for the last 7 years. His blog is very informative. His research into NSE listed companies is cutting edge. A true role model and above all a true Kenyan :)











5. ColdTusker He provides a perfect mix of politics and business. We see him as Kenya’s watchman highlighting important issues that main stream media dare not speak about.  He is very much worth following. Kenya at your fingertips :)










6. Kenentrepreneur – He runs a website for entrepreneurs. (












7. @wazua – is an online business forum focused on African markets .  Discussions are held on offshore markets , listed stocks and business ideas. Serious talk about wealth with an African perspective.






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