MobiTracker- Android App that Allows users to track stolen or lost Mobile Phones

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MobiTracker is Android app that allows the users to successfully track their mobile phones in event of the phone being stolen or lost. Yes, you can track your phone, your family members phones, your employees phones, co-workers … Kenyans with Android phones, should listen here keenly.


It has three versions available on the android market.  MobiTracker is  the main app that will receive the GPS tracking info from the phones being tracked and keep the tracking history.  The other two are MobiTracker LocateMe(Free) or MobiTracker LocateMe Pro(paid)

You need to install MobiTracker LocateMe(Free) or MobiTracker LocateMe Pro(paid) on the phones you which to track so that you can track them from this app.


Main Features of MobiTracker:

  •  No monthly fees
  • Works with MobiTracker LocateMe or MobiTracker LocateMe Pro
  • Create any number of Users
  • Uses SMS for tracking requests and receiving gps tracking information
  • Saves all gps Tracking History related to a specific User so you can access it later
  • Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish

MobiTracker LocateMe

MobiTracker LocateMe is a GPS Tracker . This application can work as a stand alone app where you can use any phone to send a command to start tracking or it can be used together with the MobiTracker app so you can save your tracking requests for later access.

To work as a stand alone app you send an SMS with the word “locateme” and the app will send you back an SMS with the GPS location of the phone. If you want it to send an email, you can check MobiTracker LocateMe Pro wich sends an SMS or Email, depending on the availability of the internet .

To start using MobiTracker LocateMe download it to the phone you wish to track and the app will be ready to use as soon as the download is finished and the app is installed. You don’t need to start the app as the app will have no visible icon.


  •  App will work in “stealth” mode
  • Will reply with SMS with the phone’s gps location
  • App can work with the MobiTracker app to save all your tracking requests for later access
  • Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish

MobiTracker LocateMe Pro

This is  paid app…mmmmh don’t freak out, the mount is only Ksh.184.45 ($.2). It has all the features as MobiTracker LocateMe plus will reply with SMS or Email, depending if Internet connection is available. You need to have Gmail account created with on the phone you wish to track as the app will send and email to that address.

Points to  Remember

  • When setting up  you need to put the phone number with the country code +254xxxxxxxxx
  •  When you lose the phone send an SMS with the word “locateme” and the phone will send back an SMS with the GPS coordinates.
  • The SMS will have a link with the coordinates where the phone is. If you have Internet connection on your phone you just have to click the link and it will open a window in your phone browser and it will display the map.
  •  The MobiTracker LocateMe Pro version has the ability to send an email to your gmail account that you have set on your phone. You send an SMS with “locateme” and if the phone has internet connection it will send an email. If the phone only has GSM coverage, it will send an SMS with the location.



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