AccessKenya Group to provide Connectivity services for Airtel’s fixed Voice services

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Accesskenya Group and airtel Kenya signed a contract that grants Airtel access to AccessKenya’s extensive fibre optic network to provide connectivity services for Airtel’s fixed line voice services, also known as E1.  I would be jumping up down if the deal was about data,..nobody cares about voice , these days!

Anyway , some explanation about E1  from wikipedia

An E1 link operates over two separate sets of wires, usually twisted pair cable. A nominal 3 volt peak signal is encoded with pulses using a method that avoids long periods without polarity changes. The line data rate is 2.048 Mbit/s (full duplex, i.e. 2.048 Mbit/s downstream and 2.048 Mbit/s upstream) which is split into 32 timeslots, each being allocated 8 bits in turn. Thus each timeslot sends and receives an 8-bit PCM sample, usually encoded according to A-law algorithm, 8000 times per second (8 x 8000 x 32 = 2,048,000). This is ideal for voice telephone calls where the voice is sampled into an 8 bit number at that data rate and reconstructed at the other end. The timeslots are numbered from 0 to 31.

In the deal, Airtel Kenya will buy E1 circuits from AccessKenya’s fibre optic network in over 300 building sites in Nairobi and Mombasa to connect their customers.

What is in it for AccessKenya  and ….. Airtel

Airtel is set to leverage AccessKenya’s extensive fibre presence to reach more customers, more buildings and to provide highly reliable services on AccessKenya’s network.

Through the deal, Airtel Kenya will gain access to AccessKenya network and strategically gain access to all new buildings the firm connects to fibre every month. The company is currently connecting at least    10 new buildings to its fibre network every month.  This is expected to significantly generate revenue for both companies as Airtel sells fixed voice services to new clients while opening new wholesale revenue streams to AccessKenya.

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Again to Airtel, Data data data please…where is the 3G?


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