Stop Forcing me to use out of Bundle Data…that is stealing

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I all aspect of life technology is meant to help save money, time, energy and generally make the life easier. That is partially the case with mobile phone operators. For example when i subscribe to unlimited bundle Ksh. 990 for Orange. Due to the nature of the Orange topup cards  people are forced to buy credit for Ksh.1000, and for my case  would like Orange either to return for me the change for Ksh.10 or accumulate the balance. After all the system should be able to keep track of the change. Yes it might be small and somehow petty but me i want my change.  Yes, i get the argument that when my time or bundle is over, i don’t stop using the internet and hence i get cut the amount for that. That is basically saying i am being forced to use my Ksh.10 to pay for the out of bundle data which is damn expensive in comparison.

Another case is Safaricom, i buy mobile internet bundle for a certain amount. When the data plan is exhausted, instead of alerting the user about it or even disconnecting the user, they continue to charge out of bundle amount. Jeeeeeez. As i have said a smart system which can tell when my bundle is over can at the same time warn the users about the same. How comes people get warned when their  credit is almost over when calling, but not with the data consumption!!!!!

The thing is, i don’t want to be forced to buy data expensively, while there is option for the cheaper rate, whether it is only for Ksh.10. I want to either buy the bundle or pay for  the unlimited time, period.

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My question is why can’t orange , Safaricom and others have  a system where when my bundle or time is over i get alerted, or disconnected with clear message that my time or bundle is over. If you can track the exact time when my time is over or the bundle is exhausted , how hard it is to give a notice about the  same?


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