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Type Samsung Chat322
NetworkService EDGE, GPRS, GSM850, 900, 1800, 1900
Connectivity -Bluetooth -v2.1 with A2DP-USB- YesMicroUSB v2.0-No WIFI
Memory External Memory 32GB
Camera -1.3 Megapixels-Maximum photo resolution 1280×1024 pixels
Display QWERTY keyboard
-Optical trackpad
Battery -Standard battery, Li-Ion-Talk time Up to 11 hours-Stand by Upto 500 hours

So i got this phone sometime back and yeah it is the one shown on bill boards around Nairobi by Wyre.  I have spent sometime turning this phone up and down. It is no longer unique to talk about the dual sim card phone, but internally I love double sim card phones. No matter  what others say i will remain with Safaricom sim card but at the same time, i like to jump around and test what is new in the market. Dual sim card phone like Samsung Chat322 reduce for me the stress of carrying many phones or the risk of losing my extra sim card when i am not using it. The Samsung Chat has dual SIM card slots which allows you to use two SIM cards simultaneously. I used this for sometime but i did something which i still don’t know, i disabled Sim Auto Switch and still looking on how to enable it back..

Back to the real matter at hand!  I Start off with the overall look of the phone..a very nice shiny plastic cover but those words “shiny plastic” means you have to be extremely careful with it.  I am  not good at this but in terms of shape it looks like a candybar.

Optical Trackpad. This is the unique part, work nicely. You can perfectly navigate different menus and functions with the trackpad. The word there is smooth although that can’t be said of the Qwerty keyboard.

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Call it inbetween phone, that is between the business and the social side.  The need to do business  and the same time remaining on the fun side has never been much higher. Recently a number of my friends had a big debate on twitter on why some people prefer Blackberry. Yes with the Blackberry you know the selling point, a business phone. That is cool but these days i think a phone has to be more than a business phone. The real business people are now being forced to be social too.. Look at Safaricom CEO, @Bobcollymore tweeting, and at the same time doing business with his phone. Another great example is @Peternduati, the CEO of the Resolution Health. Now you tell me, if the only selling point to them is business or both?  Let me say that  it might not be too advance on the social side, but Samsung [email protected] 322 is powered with great functions to keep you in touch socially and also do business on the go.

I have read in some places that  some variants come with WiFi onboard but the one  i have been using is like naaah.. The connection is through GPRS but funny thing is, it is abit fast on Safaricom network as compared to Airtel 2G network. I am not sure whether  2G phones sometime detect 3G network… anybody out there with answer for that?

If there is anything Nokia N8 changed completely on me,  is how i look at the cameras on phones.  Samsung Chat comes with 1.3 megapixels and you can guess what type of pictures come out of that.

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The phone comes with a number of apps. There is a scrollable row of shortcuts for various functions and social clients. Facebook , Twitter , MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger can be accessed directly  from the homescreen. And  it is also possible to install java based applications.  Due to that there are some restrictions, i tried to install snaptu and opera mini but all the time i was met with  download CANCELLING and then “Can’t read JAR files”.

I like the sound quality. The media player supports mp3 audio and H.264 video files. Watched the video on the phone once, yeah not bad  but the screen is small for my liking.

All in all this phone is great..

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