Safaricom Ksh.2 per minute data tariff now has over 700,000 subscribers

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You remember Safaricom once upon a time launched data tariff billed at Ksh.2 per minute. Yes that flat rate  where you are charged at 2/- per minute regardless of the amount of data you download. They also promised that there were  no hidden charges. So far i have not heard much complain on that no hidden charges.

We had a big  debate about it here. Many liked the idea but were of the opinion that Ksh.2 was too high compared to the cyber model. I bumped on one of the insiders from Safaricom  and he shared some knowledgeable stats about the tariff. Believe it or not the tariff now  has   700,000 subscribers and growing.

So what do you think, ksh.2 per minute was not high after all….



What is your opinion on the topic?
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