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We interviewed John Karanja of Whive and here is what he had to say about Whive and its significance to Kenyan mobile marketing.
You have 5 Social Media Applications that provide Social Marketing tools for the African Market, what exactly does this mean for a marketer?

Yes we do have 5 Social Media Apps namely Whive.com,Whive.mobi,facebook.whive.com,twitter.whive.com and apps.whive.com. These applications provide multiple marketing channels that marketers can use to market products and services to the Kenyan Internet user. This is because the Internet is growing rapidly as a Medium of communication and business in Kenya today. Whive is essentially a Communication platform for Africa that is integrated with other fast growing platforms such as Facebook and localized through language and content.

Who is your target market? Micro, SME or Major corporates?
We have products that cater for Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises as well as Corporations. To date we have over 600 organizations using our SMS Termination services. However we do offer special social media marketing services for businesses who want to reach Kenyans via our network. So if you want to advertise or send SMS to many contacts at once you can do so through our platform Whive.com.

What does your location based initiative entail for marketing?
Location is a key metric in advertising if your customer can tell you where he is at any given time it would be possible to offer him or her the best deal possible from affiliated businesses. We plan to offer this service to our subscribers.

How soon should we be expecting this?
This is something that is in the works and we can’t give a definitive date at the moment.

Why is your working with Nokia key for the market?
Nokia has the largest market share in terms of smartphone distribution in Kenya at about 60%. They are a big player and continue to actively engage developers in the country including ourselves. They also have a promising partnership with another active player Microsoft which will come with a lot of opportunities for their developers in the future. At Whive we recently launched our Multilingual Nokia Applications at Pivot25 and you can download them at apps.whive.com. They will be available in the Ovi store from July 2011.

What is your opinion on the topic?
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