British American Engages Bloggers in IPO Launch Event

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British-American Investments Company Limited is a diversified financial services Group that was established in 1965 in Kenya. The company offers a wide range of Insurance and Asset Management services to individuals, small businesses, corporations and government entities. British-American is a global financial services company with offices in London, Mauritius, Malta and Kenya.

British-American held a special launch for bloggers and during the event, bloggers were treated to access to presentations by execs in the BA staff as well as a QA allowance. The event attracted bloggers such as Bankelele, Mwirigi, Mark Kaigwa, Kachwanya and yours truly.The company is also the winner of the Think Business ICT Award.

One of the key points brought out was value. BA looked at how investors assess value in order to determine whether or not a good opportunity was present. They also spoke of how they sought to retain customers long term as part of their sustainability and profit strategy. In line with this BA is keen on Life Insurance as a key offering. The company also works in strategic alliances with other companies in order to increase its customer base. Additionally it looks at training its sales staff well as statistics showed that most insurance business is brought in by sales teams.

In terms of its customers the company looks at increasing information and easing access to it. This it believes would assist in pushing forward the insurance sector as a whole.

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