Social Media Day

BY  Odyssée Ndayisaba

Welcome to the upcoming Nairobi Social Media Day celebration w/ Climax Media,Fairmont The Norfolk and Date 30th June and the Venue Fairmont The Norfolk.

Social media is the art of engagement. Climax Media believes that social media is the business fuel.
Media support the democratization of knowledge and information and transform people from content consumers to content producers. From Tunisia, to Egypt, US to Japan, Kenya to…

Introduction to Social Media Day
Social Media Day is an acknowledgement and celebration of the revolution of media becoming social. A day that honors the technological and societal advancements that have allowed us to have a dialogue, to connect and to engage not only the creators of media, but perhaps more importantly, to the consumer.

This is a global event that started last year with over 600 meet-ups in 93 countries with about 12,000 attendees. Kenya’s attendance was well over 70 people with over 11,000 people having been reached by the info in 7 days from Twitter alone.This year, we plan to do things differently with a lot more fun with a bigger number of our different online and offline communities with live streams of CEOs and consumers interviews and later share brief fun presentations.

Why Social Media?
Social media is the art of conversation. It is a blend of technology and social interaction, a procreation of value. Social media is heavily influencing businesses, cultures, faiths, and politics. While to some it’s a new phenomenon, social media has been around for over 10 years. Individuals and organizations are using it, as a tool, to influence change: Social Media gives users the opportunity to immediately react to information by sharing it with other users.

Why partner with us?
Through this event your organization will;
+ Raise awareness about your organization activities in East Africa and around the continent through scheduled live streams and media coverage. This is an excellent avenue to reach the masses right where they are and let them know about your activities and how they can connect with your organization campaigns

+ Showcase and increase visibility of your organization campaigns online and offline with future brand ambassadors

+ Network and engage East Africa industry elite and potential partners in advancing your organization’s efforts; from CEOs to local bloggers.

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