10 Facts about Pivot 25

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Here are the facts about Pivot25:
  1. The 25 companies are meant to pitch to the investors, Media personalities and Tech Industry big shots.  Meaning that the others who are not among 25 companies and are not categorized as an investor, big shot, blogger or journalist , will only be there as a spectator.  The organizers targeted the above mentioned group of people not the spectators.
  2. There are 12 accredited media personalities for the event, 4 journalists and 8 bloggers… Bloggers got the priority here, right?  By the way  Kachwanya.com in collaboration with Afrinovator.com will be bringing you the best  news and analysis from the Conference.
  3. The charges to attend Pivot25 are Ksh.8K later reduced to Ksh.6k.  Mmmh big deal  for the developers yeah?  Let us go back to the first point, the shortlisted companies are not meant to pitch to the other developers but to people with money who for real can afford 8k.
  4. Again on the charges, I have attended conferences where people pay up to Ksh.40K. Mobile Web East Conference, people were pay around Ksh.30K, Etourism-people were paying over  Ksh.23k . The truth is some of those conferences were organized by companies based outside Kenya, and once they collected the money, they went back to their respective countries. “Pivot25 is an mlab initiative to bring focus on the Mobile developer and entrepreneur community in East Africa. The Mlab is an incubator and testing facility for mobile application and services Companies in Kenya
  5. Kenya is a free market, if you organize your event, it  is upon you decide how much to charge. If people feel the charges are too high then they just stay away. Those who can afford let them attend.
  6. Still on the free market there many events these days that if you are a blogger and you don’t get a pass to one particular event, you will definitely get one for another event to attend almost in the same day. As long as you have the right niche to blog about.  I miss many of them because of time and also the need to sit down and work.
  7. The success of Pivot25 is awesome news for Kenyan tech industry. The fact that big corporate members came out support such tech event should be celebrated by all the stakeholders in the tech industry including the tech bloggers.
  8. Kenyans should start celebrating the efforts of other Kenyans, ssssshhhh how about others who are not Kenyans or who are suspected not be Kenyans but doing some good work in Kenya?  Easy guys, the most advance country in the World USofA was built by people who came from the other countries…ooooh even their President has a Kenyan root
  9. Bloggers should start behaving like the big boys in the industry. You are the publishers, you have the mic, and you control the King and the Queen (contents), don’t be desperate for the contents…
  10. Although we are surrounded by the war-torn countries, we are not at the war zone. Stop fighting each other and work for the best and benefit of all Kenyans. The country and the history are watching to pass the judgment. Be in the right side…
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Ok..too much of that, the event starts tomorrow..keep tuned here for more.

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