Here is my presentation during Microsoft Workshop “Blogging your way to the Top“.  A part from my presentation there were Pratik Roy who talked about Cloud Computing, Vincent Mugambi who talked about the security both are  from Microsoft and Robert Alai who gave his perspective on Blogging.

Let me highlight a few benefits about cloud computing from the perspective of Microsoft:

  • The Cloud will help people learn, decide and take action by enabling computing to understand  what they are trying to accomplish and deliver information and applications that match their intent.
  • The cloud will enhance social and professional interactions by connecting people in the way that is most convenient and productive.
  • The cloud will lead to smarter devices that deliver experiences that are preferably aligned to where people are and what they are doing.
  • The cloud creates opportunities and responsibilities-opportunities for anyone with a good idea to reach customers anywhere in the world, combined with the responsibilty to respect individual privacy everywhere and at all times.
  • Finally, cloud will drive advances in server technology that will, in turn, drive improvements in the cloud as we strive to deliver innovative ways to manage storage and computing across hundreds of thousands of connected computers and devices

So there you have it, i talked about cloud computing in Kenya not being possible like three years ago but things have changed since then. So i need to look at that post again.

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--- Kennedy Kachwanya is a technology blogger interested in mobile phones both smart and dumb, mobile apps, mobile money, social media, startups ecosystem and digital Savannah. New media must not forget the strength of old tech.


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