The Great Meetup, the bake website is now live

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On Friday 20th, the day before the failed #rapture we had a bake meetup at KP’s lounge.  It was great to meet so many happy bloggers , well captured here by @Savvykenya.  After a lot of work in the background and talking for many weeks, it was high time we assess the progress. The main aim of the meeting among others was to launch the bake website Yes the bake website is now up and running.

As we have said before we are building a community of online publishers in Kenya.  With that we are looking on how to promote local content, innovations, businesses through the original work of great online publishers .

Who should be part of the community?

Bake is an ‘opt in’ platform for coalescing the richness, diversity and uniqueness of Kenyan content. It is a creation of similar minded bloggers for bloggers. The door is open for all Kenyan bloggers, online publishers and people who have online creative work going on somewhere. Head to and register there. Follow the discussion going on about Bake Community  here and here

Twitter Page

You can now follow bake on twitter @Bake_Ke.

Facebook Page

Build the community by liking bake Facebook fan page here


Some people still asking will bake control the content of the blogs? Bake is not statutory body to regulate online content or blogging per se. At no time bake will try to control the direction individual bloggers take. Bake’s strength is based on what individuals do on their blogs. Those who fear that they will lose their identity through bake, let me assure you that that will never happen unless you do it through other ways but not through bake.

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Before you join bake ask yourself what is your blogging style, once you know the answer to that question then ensure you maintain that. If you are complex remain complex as you are before joining, if you are simple remain simple. Build the  community through doing what you do best and on your own ways.

Bloggers Happy Hours

We will be having Bloggers Happy Hours once every month. The next one will be on 3rd June 2011 at 7pm. The venue will be confirmed in the next few days. Those who complained that the last meetup was given a short notice or  they did not get the memo , well this time round see you there.

Bake’s  Guidelines/ Constitution/ Editorial content

The draft will be going round on emails among the members. If you are interested and we do not have your email address , send your email contact to [email protected]

Businesses working with Bake

If you are interested to work ,or be part of bake events drop us email [email protected]

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