Fired through SMS ..that is the spirit

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The best thing about football is that it does not deliver only the entertainment but it also comes  with a lot more. Drama drama and more drama.  What do you say when a coach get fired through SMS.. I love technology, it makes work so easy. Apparently a certain President Fadhil Bayusuf (did you know him, definitely not the man at the hill) of a certain club Congo United fired the coach through SMS..

The following is the content of the sms to the good coach Gideon Ochieng according to Supersport:

“Coach you are among the very good coaches here in Kenya but by your bad luck you have been unable to shine. I therefore feel it’s better you step down and give the chance to another coach to continue with the team.”

It seems now Barking you are fired like Donald Trump is so last century….Suweet

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