Zege Technologies Represents Kenyan Innovation at AU Conference in Ethiopia

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African youth make a substantial amount of the continent’s population. Despite the numerous challenges that they face, there are many youth who are determined to put their continent on the map via positive contributions. It is with this inclination that the African Youth Forum, supported by various organizations, is seeing numerous young people meet to debate and discuss pertinent issues concerning them with regard to leadership, innovation, and funding sources for youth initiatives

Zege Technologies is a company formed by Kenyans with this great mind-set. Determined to make an impact  in banking and payment technology, the company made and impressive presentation of its award winning solution , M-PAYER to the African Delegation. The response was overwhelming for the need for such innovations to be felt in other member states. According to Kariuki Gathitu and Kennedy Otieno of Zege Technologies, “M-Payer allows organisations to make sense of their mobile money assimilation”.

Kariuki Gathitu- with AITEC Award for Zege Technologies

Kariuki Gathitu and Kennedy Otieno, participants of the African Youth Forum in Addis Ababa with other youth leaders (innovators, entrepreneurs, parliamentarians and activists) have found yet another forum to exhibit their success.  The conference seeks to address issues of the good leadership deficit, matters regarding youth empowerment and innovation and most importantly, finding sustainable solutions for Africa’s development.  The Zege Technologies duo looks forward to engaging in discussions on how to better fund and support youth enterprises, specifically continental mobile money integration.

Kennedy Otieno in Addis Ababa

Other notable Kenyan innovators featured include Evans Wandogo a CNN heroes nominee whose energy innovation saw his village lit up.

Evans Wandogo

The conference had  two high level consultations between the youth and African leaders. The youth agenda was debated and spoken of in great detail to hopefully see the African Youth Charter ratified by all member states.
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