Kenyan Blogging Community and the state of Local Online Contents

Over the last two months a number of bloggers including yours truly have had serious discussions on the state of Kenyan online local contents.  From our discussions it is clear to us that more efforts are needed to promote the growth of local contents.  And when people talk about local contents, nobody talk about blogs and bloggers even ICT Board, while the truth is bloggers now create over 90 percent of the local contents. Be it in form of videos, pictures, blog posts, social media sharing and updates and even journalistic news articles.  It is time for bloggers to get involved fully in promoting local contents and innovations.

We have decided to form Bloggers community. If you are a blogger and you are reading this for the first time, just know that you are not left behind. The community will be launched fully next month, April and that means it is still a work in progress.  The bloggers community will operate under the name Bake and the domain name I know you already wondering what the hell does bake means… Yeah we are going to bake some cakes in here… Bloggers Association Kenya (BAKE).

Bake will operate a community owned website On the back end of the site we will have an ad platform and the bloggers database. The database will contains blog stats for all the  bloggers which at the end will form the marketing channel for the Kenyan Companies. The community will require each bloggers to provide updates on their blog stats every month.

On the site we will have aggregation of the blogs contents in Kenya. Social media contents and analysis provided by existing initiatives like Kenya_tweets, Social Media Treasure Hunt.

And I am happy to announce that we already have more than 20 Kenyan top bloggers and by extension their blogs on board.

Joining of the Community:

It is open community with the only qualification being that you must be a serious high quality contents creator. On top of that consistency in creating the contents is a must too. The contents must be original work and those who specialized in copy pasting mmmh are not welcome..thanks.  We are coming together as people with common interest. Majority of details on this are still under discussions.

Our aims will be primarily

1.      Create and promote high quality online local contents and innovations

2.      Create viable online Marketing channel for the Kenyan companies

3.      Have fun online

Create and promote high quality online local contents

The strength of the community would be on what bloggers do individually on their blogs, on social media or sites…the challenge now is how to provide massive support for the new innovation in the community and business initiatives in Kenya. And that is why we have Bake for organized and structured conversation.

Create viable online Marketing channel for the Kenyan companies

The main aim is work on connecting good communicators with brands that appeal to people and the larger population in Kenya. The Kenyan brands are highly welcome to work and blend with the bloggers to reach their target audience.

The Bake database will have all the stats of blogs and sites of the members.  With that  if you place an ad with the community, you ad will appear in rotation in all the blogs depending on the content.   We will have a number of ways to do this:

Via keywords .An advertiser places an ad giving keywords for the ad. With our ad platform, the advert is placed in all blogs with relevant contents.

The advertiser determines their budget and thus the number of times and duration ad is displayed.

Advertiser’s choice: Within the bake website we will have categories for the blogs. An advertiser is provided with a list of all the blogs and their stats. He/she chooses where to advertise.
Sponsored post: For the sponsored blog post, the advertiser comes up with the topic/product or service. Different bloggers will talk about the service or product from different angle.


  • Bloggers expo after every three months.
  • Bloggers meetup or happy hour every month. First one on this Friday at secret lounge
  • Blog competition on topical topics with huge rewards at the end for the winners
  • Blog Awards at the end of the year

Final word:

Bloggers Meetup this Friday  25th March at Secrets Lounge at 6 PM…

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