The Mythical Online Trading Systems by Stock Brokers

In the last few months, a number of stock brokers in Kenya announced the launch of what they call online trading platforms. I took time to have a peek on each of them and mmmh…. ..there is a big difference between the web interface for placing the orders and a real online trading system. Whatever you want call them is fine with me but they are not online stock trading system.

Can a client sell directly on NSE from the so called trading system without the broker’s involvement?

Can a client buy the shares directly on NSE on the trading system without broker’s involvement?

I guess the answer to above questions is just naaah. Anyway what the brokers have is a web interface where the clients place orders. The orders are received in their emails or databases. From there they proceed to the market and place the orders on the behalf of their clients. Better than what we had before but not yet there.

A real online system would be where the clients monitor the prices at NSE on real time and put the buy or sell orders themselves. At the moment the NSE which is still owned by brokers, does not allow that.

CFC Stabic Financial Services

Meanwhile CFC Stanbic Financial Services recently launched  an Online Share Trading Platform which enables client trade their shares at the comfort of their office or homes.

Some of the key Features of OST (Online Share Trading)

Real time making and tracking of your order:-Clients will be able to log on to their trading accounts from any location, provided they have an internet connection.

  • Clients will be able to view a live market watch, market snap shots, and market depth reports to enable them make informed investment decisions.
  • Provide comprehensive order management tool to enable clients place, modify, and cancel orders, view order history, and order status in a real time environment.
  • Real time access to various reports including:  portfolio valuations, transaction statements, margin reports and stock holding reports.
  • All news and announcements broadcast to Automated Trading System users will also be available to clients via a news and announcements menu.

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