Why i will be blogging more about Football

Hehehe don’t worry, kachwanya.com is not turning to football blog any time soon. I just wanted to get your attention on some football tech related matters.  Plus yeah the mighty team Arsenal is playing  Barcelona  tonight.  More about that later, it is now official that Kenyans like football more than anything else.  Words from Mobile Marketing  function today revealed that Football tops Google mobile search in Kenya.


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If you ware wondering what people do online, now you know .

Back to weighty issues of football. After the drubbing of that weak team by Leverpool, Arsenal now have a clear path to EPL title this season. The deciding match definitely will be against United on May 1 .  After Wolves ended the  unbeaten run which made Arsenal fans to go gaga, ManU team is now a door mat and I  see them losing more games.

But today  Arsenal has a small matter of beating Barca  ….yes they can…

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