Quora, Big in 2011

There has been a huge influx of interest around the ‘new’ kid on the block Quora of late. Founded by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, the company looks to “continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it. The most important thing is to have each question page become the best possible resource for someone who wants to know about the question.” For more on Quora go Here.

Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever

As far as peaked interest was concerned, I was included, I spent a day flooding my Twitter TL with requests for someone who was on the platform to invite me. I was much obliged by a kind Mark Kaigwa who informed me that I simply had to log in via my mobile phone and hey presto I was in without having to get an invite.


So why so much interest?

Quora offers a knowledge management system and transcends your typical search results as far as satisfaction is concerned.


The platform brings together related questions, imposes structure and hierarchy, weeds out the bad answers (and answerers) and otherwise adds coherence from the chaos that a random socially-oriented question platform would produce. It also allows you to receive answers from ‘Superstars’. People such as Werner Vogels CTO at Amazon and Dennis Crowley from Foursquare.

Questions on Quora

So if you are the kind of person that is looking for a platform in which to gain greater insights on a question that has been causing you an itch Quora is for you. Especially if you are also interested in adding in your responses to various questions and watching notable peoples responses to certain questions.

Quora seeks to maintain quality control as far as questions are concerned, and as a result is attracting a more ‘serious’ crowd than that on other Question-Answer sites. The information pooled on the site therefore if organized correctly, will allow for a resource that is in-depth, analyzed and with contributions from some of the best minds. Consider the new search potential that the site will thereby offer? Quora may result in the best Q&A site ever, and may also transform into a new type of search engine and destination for information.

Having used the site I can attest to the fact that the quality of content from those contributing is surprisingly high. One can receive thoughtful, public, detailed answers for questions posed.

According to TechCrunch “It is in these rare but powerful instances when the site becomes a true quorum. At a deeper level, nearly everyone and every entity— individuals, the press, and eventually, those that work on behalf of brands, companies, and political issues—can inevitably become interconnected in a symbiotic information relationship, where the mutual meeting place is Quora.”

However, how Quora will continue to maintain this edge in the long term with the peak of interest being generated yet waits to be seen.

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Muthoni is a Brand Strategist and Director at Deviate, a company that works with over 15 of the region's most forward thinking brands. She is passionate about growing SME's, Internet Technology and mentoring young women. She also owns and writes for Tamu Tamu and Bridal Kenya and is an active blogger on a wide range of topics such as business, food and technology and has written for CIO Kenya, Yummy News, Affrinovator and Kachwanya. Before starting her own company she was a Production Coordinator and TV Host for the NTV show Urban Hype, an Account Executive at Habari, and a Brand Strategist at Creative Edge.


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