Kenyan Social Media and the Ugandan TPF4 Millionaire

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Yes, TPF4 (Tusker Project Fame  season 4) came to an end, and  yes, Davis Hillary Ntare won Kshs.5million and not Gaelle. The rumors have it that Gaelle won more votes and was rigged out. By the way in terms of Uganda currency we are talking UGX 142,990,654.21.   Anyway i have no idea what went on during the voting process and counting.

Back to my point of interest, TPF4 brought the best out of Kenyans on twitter, and Facebook.  People don’t just watch the show for  sake of music alone, more than a half of it is about the drama. To make it even better, is the fact that twitter provided a platform for self declared experts commentary on different aspect of the show.

On twitter there were  dressing or fashion experts, makeup experts, jokes experts,  singing experts, the beauty experts, you name it. And everyone  on the show from the show hosts  Shaila and Dr.Mitch to the judges to even audience got dissected, analyzed  and turned upside down.  The  critical comments are punctuated by..hashtag #chukifm while the opposite go with #penzifm. You just have to love creative Kenyans. By the way, i think people watch the show with their fingers on the phones keypad, continuously typing and ready for twitter updates.  As @Jusdest commented about the twitter breaking news “I love #BreakingNews on Twitter – It’s a contest – Fastest Fingers First – then it all comes flooding in…”

The bigger picture here is the interest of people on the local contents or programs.  Citizen tv has done very well in championing the course of local programs. If i am not wrong at the moment, in terms of popularity and reach Citizen TV is ahead of the other tv stations like NTV, KTN, K24 among others . And the main reason for that is the local programs. Although they have perfected the art of poaching the presenters and now almost all the best of the best are there.   But i was a bit disappointed to hear that xyz show got canceled without any notice from the Management to the show producers. The xyz twitter account urged people to forward their complains to Citizen TV for not airing the show “People, please forward your complaints to Citizen TV for deciding not to run the show without any warning”

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So what is happening here? Politicians want the show to be censored or what? See the following comment of Mr. Miring’u on Facebook about the show

Miring’u Wainaina O’Wayne:    Waruru gives in to pressure- but censoring XYZ might remind us that we shud count as impartial, even Moi allowed us to laugh at him

Mmmh politicians…good for nothing. Anyway  leave that alone. Into some interesting stuff

Pay TV


When comes to pay tv, the battle for the customers is on but to say the truth i am stuck with DSTV. The reason being the Sports, BBCK and National Geographic.  The Supersport channels bring Europe major leagues, South American leagues and Africa. Being a football fanatic and of late Fromular 1, no other pay tv in Kenya at the moment come close to that.  I only wish they could separate sports channels as a package  and sell that on its own. Seriously there are people who like soaps and movies and don’t give a damn about the sports, there are people who like sports like me and rarely watch any other thing on TV, then there are people who only watch news channels like  CNN, ALJazeera, BBC. The premium package of the DSTV composed of everything and you find yourself only watching 4 or 5 channels out of 64…jeeeez.  Then there is media reports that the DSTV reduced their prices sometime back at the beginning of November according to this article on Business Daily

South Africa-based DSTV, which has enjoyed a near-competition-free environment over the last 15 years it has been in Kenya, two weeks ago cut its access prices to Sh5,000, and a monthly subscription starting from Sh830, bringing it at par with the new entrant.

Unfortunately people  are still paying the original prices, or at least that is my experience with them. For premium package, the price is Sh6,350 per month. If someone has the exact position on the pricing, i would like to know

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The zuku guys are punching hard and the other day they launched ambitious mass market strategy. Wananchi  invested in Zuku channels which include Zuku Sports and Zuku Sports HD, the first HD sport channel developed for the region, eight movie channels, including Zuku Movies Max and Zuku Movies Max HD, the first HD movie channel developed for the region (Zuku Movies Action, Zuku Movies Comedy, Zuku Movies Family and +1 versions of Max, Max HD and Action). Also in the channels stable are Zuku Afrika, a general entertainment channel focusing on African content from the continent and the world and Zuku Life, the first mainstream, general interest documentary channel originated in Africa.

Smart Tv

I have heard them say, this is going to be the game changer and i wish them well. Seriously,  there is free viewing until the end of the year, anybody testing this? Holla

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