Wezesha, Laptop initiative for University Students Launched

The Government of Kenya under the Ministry of Information and Communications, with the Kenya ICT Board as the implementation agency, launched ‘Wezesha’-a laptop ownership initiative for university students across Kenya.
Under ‘Wezesha’ which means ‘enable’ in Kiswahili, university students in participating public and private universities and colleges will be eligible for 15% – 33% price rebate on the purchase of laptops from select retailers.

There are 15,667 laptops available for rebate purchase under this scheme, 5% of all Wezesha laptops will be reserved for physically challenged students to purchase.

The purpose
An empowered student is better equipped to carry out research, complete assignments. In addition the laptop becomes a critical tool for entertainment and information.

It is the hope of government that students will become ambassadors for greater digital literacy across their communities and in their homes across Kenya improved access. The government also hopes to achieve greater student innovation and entrepreneurship, with students collaborating to create and execute bankable business ideas.

With laptops, students will be able to access the Internet, already available on campus and off campus from service providers.

Wezesha further compliments another initiative currently underway through the Kenya ICT Board and the Kenya Education network (KENET) across all universities and colleges to provide subsidised Internet access.

Pre-qualified Retailers
Following a successful pre-qualification exercise, the following retailers have been pre-qualified to participate in the Wezesha project as laptop suppliers:

  • Fonexpress/Orange
  • PC World/ Airtel
  • Ravenzo Trading
  • Safaricom
  • Win Comp Company Limited

Other partners


Wezesha.co.ke Portal

Wezesha Portal

How  it works

Step1: Students browse for laptops on the web portal www.wezesha.co.ke

Step2: University student register

Step3: University coordinator verifies and approves student registration online

Step4: Student receive voucher via email

Step5: Student logs onto wezesha portal and selects his/her preferred laptop and inputs voucher information. The voucher is $120; approximately Ksh. 9,600.00

Step6: Student goes to the preferred retailer; among the 5 prequalified retailers; to get a laptop. The student must pay the top-up amount of the chosen laptop

A voucher is valid for 14days once it is sent to the student


The laptop initiative is  funded by the World Bank and implemented by The Kenya ICT Board under the Kenya Transparency and Communications Infrastructure Project (TCIP), as part of a  component to implement the Computers for the Communities Initiative

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