Kenyan Corporate Frauds and Lies

Kenyan corporate scene is full of lies and deceit..and it is funny that the Kenyan consumers let them  get away with it easily.

1. Orange Kenya with 3G network

The Communications Commission of Kenya on Wednesday gave Orange Kenya a licence for 3G, or third-generation network. So now it is the time when Telkom will launch 3G services in Kenya . Customers will enjoy faster internet speeds,” Telkom Kenya CEO Mickael Ghossein said. “We will provide value-added services such as mobile TV, video on demand and video conferencing.”

Great, but Orange Kenya has been advertising its 3G network for like a year now, Orange Kenya website has links to different 3G and 3G+ services…what do you call that?

Orange 3G+


2. Safaricom and Non existence Unlimited Internet

I have talked about it before here. Selling data bundles is not the same as Unlimited internet. At the same time when people subscribe on their phones for 10mb for Ksh.8 or whatever the number of Mbs for a certain amount of money, that is not unlimited internet. Safaricom keeps on advertising or sending smses about the non existing unlimited now?

3. Media Houses and their illusion of Exclusive

Social media has changed the landscape of news gathering and dissemination. Most people these days get their news first hand on different social networks. Then proceed to switch on TV or radio for confirmation. It is amazing that most media houses still think they are the first.. Coming to you exclusively on KTN or NTV or Citizen..really!! Plus why would one say “exclusive” or “we are the only ones” while video footage is showing other media houses microphones. Jeez….

I know there many more of such around , please add the ones you know on the comment section….

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