Nokia C3, Pocket friendly and the real deal when come to Social Networking

The last few days i have been a proud owner of Nokia C3. …and one line verdict is cool, beautiful , user friendly and the loud speaker is yeah very loud..


Let start from the beginning and how my super curiosity led me to witness what almost became …let say stampede. A few days after  Nokia  Kenya Launched Nokia C3 in Kenya, Safaricom had a massive offer of the phone at a half the price.  And me being an early bird in town that day (7.00am)  i thought i might have a chance of grabbing one. You know, smart phone  at price level of    Ksh.10k  going for ksh.5k is quite a bargain.  To start with, 7am is not early in Nairobi particularly when there is an offer in town. The line at  I&M building that day at 7am was simply crazy. I gave up instantly but i had to spent like 5 minutes watching people scrambling and jostling on the line.  The big muscle men pushing and shoving people aside just to be ahead of the pack…chaotic.

All that made me think, may be i seriously need to get the phone and see  what is in it, that make people go ballistic..  Ok it is affordable, adding to the fact that it was on offer and at a half the normal cost  but that still don’t tell the whole story. There are many good phones in Kenya retailing at Ksh.5k and below and well people pass them everyday.  Now i think i have pretty good idea why..

1. Qwerty Key Board

If there is going to be a day when phones will take over completely from computers then i guess Nokia C3 would be among the origin of such evolution.  Probably you are like want to type  a message with combination of all the letters, figures and symbols in this world  and then you meet the monster called keypad…and you go grrrrrrrrrr , well, forget about that with Nokia C3. The phone structure..below the softkey panel, there is the full QWERTY keyboard, with its raised keys, that make it easy to access the correct keys while in use. Even people with giant hands and fingers still would find it comfortable and  usable.

2. Connectivity and Internet

The internet can be accessed  via Wi-Fi, and GPRS. The data transfer speed is enhanced with the EDGE support. Get a place with good Wi-Fi and you are good to go.  Safaricom internet connection speed is also great but it depends on the place you are in or at.  Zain connection does not vary but a bit slower than that of Safaricom if you are  in a place where Safaricom has full network coverage. I have been a  happy customer for the youtube videos, watch them without stress, no buffering at all.

The C3’s web-browser supports full HTML and as well as WAP 2.0. It also comes with preinstalled Opera Mini browser that allows faster browsing. It supports Instant Messaging for Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Ovi Chat and Windows Live Messenger.  Provides quick access to popular email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Windows Live and other email accounts (SMTP, IMAP4, and POP3). Nokia offer free Ovi mail account from phone directly. On top of that , it supports text, multimedia and audio messages.

Community widget

The Nokia C3 is a Social Network Service (SNS) enhanced ,  gives live update from Facebook and Twitter. Right a way on the phone screen, you are able to update you Facebook  or twitter accounts.. I think this is why it is widely marketed as Social networking Phone.

3. Data Transfer

The data transfer can be done through USB v2.0 and Bluetooth. You can stream audio to Bluetooth headset wirelessly, thanks to A2DP support for Bluetooth

4. Camera

Be the judge on how good this camera is..Check the picture below, among the best shots i could get from several angles.  The real deal is, it is equipped with 2 megapixel camera with a Flash, which captures images at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. The camera interface is same as other Nokia phones. The camera features Autofocus, self timer, 4x zoom, full screen viewfinder, white balance, color tones and viewfinder effects includes greyscale, sepia and negative. It can record videos at a resolution 320 x 240 pixel.


5. Multimedia

The C3’s multimedia supports MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ audio formats and video formats like MPEG-4, H.263 and H.264 video formats. The interface is simple and convenient to use. The sound quality is excellent. It also features FM Radio with RDS feature. Good stuff to have if you are a fan of the like of Maina Kageni, Mwalimu King’ang’i and their morning relationship victims stories or the OMG busted mind game by Shiko

6. Games

The C3 comes preinstalled with four games namely Sudoko, Diamond Rush, Block’d, and Bounce.  This is to Magaribina who recently reviewed Nokia phone called Nokia doho…the snake game is not here too. I wonder if that disqualify it from being a genuine Nokia phone… Ching chong..

7. Other Applications

The other essential features of the C3 include voice recorder, Calendar, Note pad, To-do list, a timer, Calculator, unit & currency Converter, Voice commands, a world clock, vibrate mode, Flight mode, a 1000 entry phonebook and speaker phone

So what are the buts of this phone?

  • C3 has an internal memory capacity of 55MB which is very low, i added five songs and the space is full.  With it full i realize i can not listen to radio unless i clear the songs or add the external memory. The only upside of this is that it  can accommodate 8GB of external memory.
  • The camera is 2MP, not good, not bad. …Average is the word
  • It doesn’t feature Document and PDF reader….missing link
  • .no multi-tasking,

Final word…,  looking for a phone which has a long battery life, does a bit of everything, looks and feels good and affordable  pricing.  Nokia C3 is the real deal….

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