To Safaricom, how Limited is the “Unlimited Internet”?

So, Safaricom is sending SMS messages to its subscribers about their Unlimited internet per month.

“Enjoy Unlimited internet using your Safaricom broadband Modem for a flat monthly fee of Ksh.999.  To activate SMS 999 from your modem line to 450.”

In this message they have said nothing about the terms and conditions which are  usually labeled after their offers or prices.

Thanks to ZainKenya ” Terms and Conditions” has become evil phrase in Kenya.  Earlier when Safaricom launched the Ksh. 999 per month, it was loaded by the IF..Else conditions which probably required all of us to have advance mathematics knowledge.
Price                    Data Volume           Out of Bundle Speed

Ksh. 999               300 MB                         32 Kbps

Ksh. 1,999            700MB                          64 Kbps
Ksh. 2,999            1 GB                                128 Kbps

What the hell is this Data Volume?

What is my speed if i subscribe for Ksh. 999? How about if I pay for Ksh.1999?

Then there was   that one for phones or is it still there? .  They called it unlimited while the truth is, you can only access 10mb of data per day for ksh.8!

Anyway the better question is, has the above conditions changed with the new sms message they are sending to people?

Meaning of Unlimited

This is to Safaricom, if it is UNLIMITED, let it be unlimited. Meaning i can download whatever files i want from the net , upload files and generally browse without constantly worrying about the size or the Data volume or whatever they call it ….

In case someone is missing the meaning of unlimited at Safaricom i went further to the world of knowledge ..dictionary  plus Google and I  found the following adjectives:

1. not limited; unrestricted; unconfined.

2. boundless; infinite; vast.
3. without any qualification or exception; unconditional.

Confirm that it is truly unlimited and i bet the masses will  flock back to Safaricom modem

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