54 Percent of Kenyans on twitter are based in Nairobi..#twittercensus

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And we are 6544

Yeah that number is not convincing but  think about it the active tweeting Kenyan community is not that big. The number of people who open twitter accounts and then forget about it are many, basing it from a number of my friends, the people i follow and some of my followers who have done that. Another indicator is the number and the composition of the followers of prominent Kenyans. You would imagine that well known Kenyan journalists, musicians, actors, bloggers, politicians, fashion gurus , marketers on twitter would have many many many followers but that is not the case. The average number of followers for the well known Kenyans are around 1000 and in fact almost a half of them are not Kenyans

So let me apologize for taking long before releasing this.  So many things conspired against it and somewhere in the back of my head I also thought giving people more time would allow them to participate. This is something which was predicted at the beginning particularly by @RafikiKenya. He argued that people responding to surveys in Kenya are very few compared to the general population.

By and large  it should be noted that there are many known active prominent Kenyans on twitter that did not take part on this. May be they did not see it or lack of time but whatever the reason I still asking them to take part here

Location Numbers Percentage
3rd block across the street 1 0.0
Africa 210 3.2
Al jouf 1 0.0
US 340 5.2
Botswana 1 0.0
Bungoma 2 0.0
SA 2 0.0
Cairns 1 0.0
Europe 57 0.9
Dubai, UAE 1 0.0
Earth 1 0.0
Eldoret 270 4.1
Embu 1 0.0
Kampala 2 0.0
Kenya 1234 18.9
Rwanda 1 0.0
Kikuyu 1 0.0
Kisumu 78 1.2
Nigeria 9 0.1
Limuru 1 0.0
Mabatini 1 0.0
Malaysia 1 0.0
Malindi KENYA 1 0.0
Mariakani 1 0.0
Maseno 1 0.0
mauritius 1 0.0
Meru 1 0.0
Mombasa 630 9.6
Nairobi 3567 54.5
Nakuru 98 1.5
Ngong 12 0.2
Nyahururu 10 0.2
Ongata Rongai 1 0.0
pluto 1 0.0
richmond 1 0.0
Online 1 0.0
Tanzania 1 0.0
Terrafirma 1 0.0
6544 100%


54.5% of the Kenyans on twitter are based in Nairobi, followed by 18.5% who just indicated that their location as in Kenya.

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9.6% Kenyans on twitter are in Mombasa while only 1.2% are in Kisumu City

3.2 percent of Kenyans on twitter indicated that they are in Africa; well from there it is hard to tell which country exactly.

0.9% of Kenyans on twitter are in Europe. This number is aggregated from different Cities in Europe.  For the sake of this analysis.

5.2 of Kenyans on twitter are in US.

Finally some Kenyans are in strange places as you might have seen, one in Pluto and another one is  in  3rd block across the street..God help us

Special thanks to @Uhusiano @kenya_tweets @wiselar @EmperorKoinange @rassina @rafikikenya @Wamathai for their active involvement in the process

Thanks to the following great Champions who helped in spreading the word;

@kenyafreelancer @iAlen @RookieKE @RafikiKenya @ArcherMishale @mkaigwa @martingicheru @sirmyke @matrixster @bankelele @OliverMathenge @MwendaRiungu @mosande @nzembi @hilum @Wamathai @kenyanstar @rassina @jamesmurua @babawatotos @jolea @mawazo_mengi @saitonne @Veelitesngeny @cotieno @TheMacharia  @Knocternal @Papa_Shango @sportinkenya @uhusiano @Lady_ElsieTruthslinger @ irenewamaru @ @PeterNjenga @JustDes @2FingersKenya @RoyKing_ @SkimaniM @gathoni_m @langatwilfred @nochiel @TChenya @swirrytwix @fivefoottall @mjamme @UrbaneKenyan @NonieMG @samuelkantai @kparpia @mwirigi @chiira  @SupremeGREAM @Bobbysyoks @Elangari @mmnjug @jagmorjaria @christineBAPM @shikuanne

If I have missed to mention you and  you  participated in spreading the word or RTs on this, just know that you are highly appreciated and special

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