AccessKenya launched Free online traffic Cameras..get real-time updates

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The AccessKenya  has launched a free online traffic camera service onto their home portal The update service consists of Internet Protocal (IP) cameras that will capture traffic movement and transmit visuals of the same via the AccessKenya portal, live and in real time.

The Group has so far put up 23 such cameras within the Nairobi’s Central Business District and its environs as well as 2 cameras in Mombasa.

“We have more than 20 cameras in key areas around the city including Ngong Road, Westlands, the Industrial Area and Mombasa Road,” said Jonathan Somen, the Group Managing Director of AccessKenya, adding that more cameras are to be installed in the coming weeks in the capital and in Mombasa.

AccessKenya camera views

AccessKenya camera views

A close look at Uhuru highway

Uhuru Highway

Uhuru Highway

The attempt by Kenya Police through their website to provide regular updates #failed  and it is great to see AccessKenya doing this. It is still early days on this but the idea has been long overdue. If successful, this could really help motorists and commuters in planning their movement schedules and travels in Nairobi. Due traffic jam in Nairobi  a journey from Westlands to Upper Hill and back for example may take up to 4 hours while in the real sense it should be a matter of around 40 minutes.

The research has it that Kenyans lose upto Ksh.60 billion annually due to traffic jam. If you throw in the issue of time wasted on the roads, and the total amount is unbelievable. There are talks about  Vision 2030 almost everywhere these days but i don’t think  it will be achieved when people who are meant to be working towards  that are wasting their times on the roads.

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So what is the real cause of the Kenyan road mess?  It is funny, it is a joy to drive or travel on our roads when schools are closed, mmmh so school going kids are causing traffic jam?  Well, that is in fact a stupid question to ask. The parents feel the need to drop their kids to schools and that means all the unroad worthy vehicles out there do enjoy their days in the sun when the schools are open.  And then there are the mad matutu drivers! I wish we had a canning cop..yes kibogo. Anytime the mathree driver brakes the traffic rules, give instant punishment.

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