Roaming threshold: Is Safaricom playing dirty with people’s Money/credit?

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I was having a great conversation with a friend yesterday and then  suddenly i got disconnected. I thought at first that i had ran out of credit but no..i was still having Ksh.80 on my phone. Tried to call again and i got the message that my credit balance is below the threshold.  Meaning i couldn’t make any call unless i reloaded more credit! A few minutes earlier a friend had told me that she could not call despite having ksh.51 credit balance on her phone

More complains on twitter..

Okwenda@SafaricomLtd did ur grond threshold just reach 75 ? I can’t call when my credit reaches that?????

I talked to other people who are experiencing the same. So is Safaricom holding people’s money/credit? is this the new roaming threshold? or just playing plain dirty with subscribers to maintain earning margins after being shaken by Zain’s moves?

What is your opinion on the topic?
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