Mobile phones: It is 5.5 million households not mobile phone subscribers

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Confused by the 5.5 million census number on the mobile phones? Here are the facts:

Household ownership of Mobile phones..5,538,689 which is 63% of Kenyan total households. At the same time  105,367 households own landlines. The landlines figure translates to  1.2% of Kenyan total households.

That figure does not refer to the number of phones or subscribers in the country. It is the number of households where at least someone has a phone. The unmber of phones in one house might be as many as 10. And as you can see it is 63% of the total Kenyan households which is in line with recent stats by cck whereby the mobile subscribers passed 50% mark of the population. The estimation by cck then was probably based on the thinking that we are 40 million but now we know the exact figure ( 38,610,097)

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