Kenyan made search Engine is surprisingly very close to Bing in search Capability

After reading about, a Kenyan search engine developed by 3 KCA University students , i tried  to find out how good it is in terms of search results. Ok, first there is issue of the name, some tweeps commented that the name is a bit strange and might not capture the imagination of many people like Google.

Google has dominated the search engine for sometime and with such a force that challenging it seems to be like wasting time. The likes of WolframAlpha, Cuil  came, hyped and then disappeared. One search engine which has had steady market share growth since it was launched is Bing, standing at 12.1% in May according to comScore data. Guess what the search results for is so close to that shown by Bing that it really surprised me.

I was a bit full of myself and took  time to search for my name kachwanya, mmh i know  but i don’t think i am abnormal to do  that, once in a while people Google their names, right?  Did i say google?  Yeah somehow the word google has become some sort of a verb when referring to searching for something on the internet.

Exactly how a particular search engine’s algorithm works is a closely-kept secret but just look at this  direct comparison between  Google, Bing, Yahoo search and of course Irozho

IrozhoShowing results 110 out of 2,030 for kachwanya

Bing1-10 of 2,080 results for kachwanya

Google—About 29,400 results (0.22 seconds) for kachwanya

Yahoo21,700 results for kachwanya:

Looking at the results; Bing returns 2080 while Irozho returns 2030, while Google is far much ahead of the two with 29,400 followed by yahoo with 21,700. But that is not the intriguing part, which is found on the contents of the search results.  The first ten outcome of Bing and Irozho is almost identical , actually they are the same. The similarity continues to page two and even three of both search engines. Take a look at the first page on the two search engines:


bing results
bing results

I tried  more different words and phrases and the same pattern continues. Go on and try comparing the two, using other words or phrases and tell me your outcome

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